All the workshops are for small groups often 4-6 people which gives me the flexibility to add extra exercises to suit the particular group that I am teaching. The following are indications of the sort of exercises you can expect on each workshop.


Healing Bracelets and Mandalas

On this workshop you will choose a selection of crystal beads and read from them. We will decide on a theme for this as a group so  you may chose the beads to reflect aspects of yourself such as mind, body and spirit , for yoru life such as past present and future or for your health such as the five elements in Traditional Chinese medicine. The possibilities are endless.

Your finished  bracelet is your personal ‘healing’ bracelet for the aspects of your life that you chose on the day.

Auras and Auragrams

Working with encaustic wax, you will create a vibrant  interpretation of your energy field. We will work in pairs to 'read' these pictures and also allow intuitive, psychic and mediumistic insights to flow when it feels right for each student.

Using pastels, you will create an auragram of your partner's energy field. We will use these to gain insights into all the information held in your energy field about your life and experiences so far, your health and personality and much more!

This is a fun day, packed with vibrant colours and  wonderful energy shifts as you learn more about yourself as well as developing your psychic abilities.

Cosmic Ordering and Abundance

Learn how to manifest your own reality and draw to you your needs and desires.

Many people inadvertantly manifest their fears not their desires. For example, if you are focussing on attracting enough money to pay off your debts, you need the debt to power the process through. If you change your perception and manifest having a healthy balance in your bank account, you can release the debt.

Using visualisation, wish boards, EFT and NLP techniques and more, we will release blocks and fears about success, getting that new job or pay rise etc so that you can attract abundance in all aspects of your life and relationships.