Reflexology is a natural therapy based upon the application of pressure to the feet or hands. It is a safe treatment which seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit allowing the body to heal itself.

History of Reflexology

The earliest recorded use of reflexology is from around 2330 BC and is found in a picture discovered in the Physician's Tomb at Saqqara Egypt. Healing by foot stimulation was used by many of the ancient civilisations including those of Africa, India and Egypt. The Chinese still continue to practice this form of healing.

Modern Reflexology

In 1917, Dr William Fitzgerald published a book entitled 'Zone Therapy' describing his theory of the existence of energy zones running through the body from the brain down to the toes.

In the 1930's Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, studied and researched zone therapy and evolved a map of the feet showing the organs and parts of the body as they related to the areas of the feet. Her techniques and experience gained during a lifetime of successful practice form the basis of modern reflexology.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexologists believe that the body is divided into ten zones or energy pathways running from the head to the toes. If the energy flow is blocked by congestion, disorder and even disease can occur. Working on the zones and specific reflex points in the feet or hands encourages the energy flow through the zones which may enable the body's systems to balance and healing to begin.

Reflexology is also thought to work on the nerve pathways within the body, stimulating and balancing the nervous system whilst improving circulation throughout the body.

A reflexology treatment releases toxins which may have built up in the body through lifestyle, diet and pollutants. It can also help release excess fluids from the tissues.

How Would I Benefit from Reflexology?

A reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing experience which can benefit everyone living in today's highly stressed environment.

It can be used as a single treatment for pleasure and relaxation or as a course of treatments to alleviate established disorders. Many people find that a monthly treatment is a beneficial form of preventative health care.

Reflexology Can Benefit All Ages.

From babies to the elderly, reflexology has been used to treat a wide range of conditions such as:-

In my experience, children respond particularly well to reflexology. Childhood problems which I have treated include:-