Distance Sessions

If you or your friends live too far away to travel to me but would like to experience the benefits of behavioural kinesiology, distance sessions are a powerful alternative to seeing me in person.

Distance Sessions for Kinesiology and Reiki

Behavioural Kinesiology

Many of my distance clients were understandably sceptical at the thought of their kinesiology session being as effective if they weren't present during the session and felt part of the process but they have all become converts to this way of working. It can also be a less stressful way of working with young children. I have recently treated distance clients in London, Warwick, USA and Spain so the energy will travel!

Usually, we will have talked on the phone or by email about the changes you would like to make in your life, the blocks or traumas you have experienced and any physical conditions that are affecting you. From this I will formulate the goals that we will work on in the session which is done as though you are with me. The only difference is that I act as a surrogate for you and make the corrections on myself for you. Many people feel the energy shifts as this takes place.

As I work, I record the session and my thoughts and corrections and then email the recording to you as an mp3 file for you to listen to at your leisure. The session is activated when I do the work but listening to the thoughts and insights reinforces the changes for you and most people find it fascinating and resonate with the impressions or comments I have picked up.


Distance sessions are an option with reiki too. Again I would do a full body session but acting as your surrogate. I don't record the impressions in this case as it would interrupt the flow of energy since I work lying on the couch so that I can work hands on or in 'your' aura as I would do if you were with me. I use Usui, Karuna and Seichem energy intuitively and may even use psychic surgery in its reiki form to remove deep-seated blocks. Where possible with a distance reiki session, we will plan a time together so that you can be relaxed at home and so experience the sensations as I work or I will activate the session at a suitable time for you.


The following unsolicited comments were received from clients after their first Kinesiology distance session.


Hello and thank you! Lovely way to have healing - strong vibes coming through whilst listening. We had a result didn't we - don't think I've ever had 100% negativity before. [This is a measure of the stress caused by the issue we were working on.]


Thanks for doing the session........... My scepticism went quite quickly as I did experience the familiar sensation of "eye fuzziness" and general feeling of being "whacked out" (would love to come up with another descriptor for this, but currently can't find it) as if I was in the room with you. A bit strange I know, but there you go!