My business is largely built on personal recommendations and referrals. I welcome any feedback, however brief. On this page, you can see some examples of what people have had to say after they have had treatments



I must tell you what has happened since your abundance class a few years ago.

I have been practicing using the exercises you taught and have had some extraordinary results.

Since 2015 I have

  • sold my flat for a £50k more than I paid for it, as the market started to decline
  • paid off £30k of debt
  • somehow magiced a gift of £70k from family friends for a new house
  • invested my pension well and seen a 25% uplift

Beyond material abundance

  • I have attracted an amazing partner into my life
  • We have had a gorgeous little girl
  • We have purchased a wonderful family home in a good area

I am generally well, in much better health than before and truly living an abundant life...shows how little changes in the mindset work!

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Hi Bev

Just amazing! I was working from home today and had no idea you were doing this. This afternoon everything to do with my work improved dramatically, complex things were cleared, people became cooperative, answers came. I'm very tired but felt that shift and was just cheered and felt more in control.

Then I saw this and as I opened the MP3 before hearing anything my whole body rippled softly with a massive release. When I started to listen it just flowed and flowed through everything I had articulated and everything I had thought about but not put in the message.

The question of forgiveness was already obvious to me, but I was struggling as had no idea how to forgive it all any more than I have already, so your work is vital and so wonderful.Your use of what I sent was absolutely perfect.

I will be very gentle with myself but I know this session is releasing that knotty mesh of concerns. I will listen to and take note of all the affirmative statements you included, so I can keep working with them. I am very near to this now and ready to let myself be free of it all.

Bless you Bev!

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Another WOW session!! Thank you so much for doing this so quickly Bev - I had a bit of a funny afternoon yesterday (at about 3-5pm) when I was feeling quite spacey and emotional, and I wondered if you might have been working on my session, and then got home late last night to see this! incredible! and VERY interesting! I am already feeling the benefit of detachment from J, so thank you SO much!! Feeling a tad emotional today, but as you said, that is to be expected!

You are a wonderful lady and I adore you for all you do for me! xxxx


Beverley is one of the most amazing healers - and I have seen many over the years. She has literally helped me to put my life back on track and has seen me through some very difficult times. I am happy to say that I've reached a great place in my life and she has been a major part of helping me to create that.

A lot of people are looking for instant fixes, but for me it was a commitment to the healing process and every session with her was a priceless investment. No matter what I went in like, every single session without exception, I came out feeling amazing, renewed and inspired for the future. I still have sessions with Beverley which I see as a mental and physical spring cleaning of body and mind. And how else would I get to hang out with her - she's so lovely!!

F - Bromley, Kent

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Having been diagnosed with a deranged liver due to a particularly nasty flu virus I was left very weak, constantly dizzy and was unable to work for months with no end in sight. The doctors, consultants and specialists had no answer for me other than for to continue to rest and see what the following months would bring. So feeling as though I had been failed by the medical profession and knowing that my employer's patience was not limitless, I turned to Bev for help.

The impact started straight away, as my wife noticed a big difference in me after the first session and this upward cycle continued after each session over the following weeks.

After a few weeks and sessions I was able to resume work and was profoundly impressed by the results and efficacy of my Reiki experience, so much so that it drove me to be become trained in Reiki by Bev a short while later.

Reiki is now a part of my life and I have used it virtually every day for the last 4 years with family and friends. Life changing is an often over used phrase, so I would say that Bev and Reiki helped my when I needed it the most and I have and continue to help others since then.

G - Finchampstead, Berks

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Having known Beverley for possibly twenty years plus now, I can categorically say I trust Beverley's work implicitly and know her to be the most professional and cutting edge energy practitioner.

During these years myself and my family have had many very successful healing sessions through sorts of therapy from Reiki healing to Kinesiology. My daughter had a major operation at the JR to stop gastric reflux and the issues that resulted from that surgery were made much more bearable by the energy work that released so much. Now three years on she is eating normally and fit.

I also felt a million times better after seeing Bev when I have a tooth extracted under general and felt I'd gone three rounds with Mike Tyson!

It's not like going to a doctor who gives you pills and says try these. Energy healing works specifically to your individual bodies requirements at that moment. It really does work but the key is having a positive attitude to it.

My mother greatly appreciated Bev's positive, calm approach when she went through breast cancer and all the energy work really assisted mum. In fact we all appreciated it.

S - Didcot, Oxfordshire

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My 8 year old son is a very anxious little boy who struggles with allergies and learning difficulties. He seemed to go from one cocktail of medication to another and was really unhappy at school. Beverley was recommended to us and we 'gave it a go - why not? She was very reassuring and spent a couple of sessions with my son using crystals, reiki, and positive affirmation techniques.

He enjoyed himself and we saw a marked difference in his self-esteem. He is now happier in himself and he seems much less afraid of failure in school which makes him more confident. My advice would be don't knock it until you've tried it.... you never know. Many thanks.

S - Streatley, Berkshire

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