To contact me, use one of the methods below. I have also included some useful links to websites regarding the therapies that I offer, and also to other therapists who I recommend


You can contact me in a number of ways. I will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours

Trusted Therapists

Claudine Martin, Naturopathic Nutritionist

Tel: 01865 390017

Claudine can tailor a health programme to suit your needs and alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, abnormal weight gain or loss, PMS, skin problems or allergies among others.

Linda Cook

Tel: 0118 9697461

Linda is a qualified and experienced Birth Doula, she also offers Placenta Encapsulation and Birth Art Cafe workshops.

Maria Morgan MSc. BSc. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tel: 01252 662749
eMail: Maria Morgan

Maria is a highly trained and experienced acupuncturist based in Fleet, Hampshire. She also practices patented herbal medicine and is one of the original associates of the Zita West National Fertility Network



There are many websites out there concerned with complementary therapies, here are some which you might find interesting.

Health & Goodness
Jane Thurnell-Read's information, tips and inspiration for a healthier, happier life

First choice for life improvement

The International Center for Reiki Training

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Where emotional relief brings physical health

The online guide to health and beauty

APS Therapy
A safe, effective, drug free treatment for pain relief, and to enhance recovery or injury repair and energy, using an APS Therapy machine.
For more information, visit